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I am inspired by the work and lives of educators such as Paulo Freire, bell hooks, Gloria Anzaldua, among others, who sought to transform the world through political conscientization. Moreover, I believe that personal transformation is key to collective transformation, and as such, I build classrooms where socioemotional growth is valued. This means developing relational accountability that breaks us out of Western individualism to care for all beings including land, water, and non-human relatives. Ultimately, I believe that the function of education is liberation, thus, I create spaces where we can practice being free and being good relatives.


Courses Taught

Undergraduate: American National Government, Introduction to Public Policy, Introduction to State and Local Government, Minority Politics, Women and Politics, LGBTQ+ Politics, Criminalization of Immigrants, Immigration Politics (Senior Seminar and 300-level), Politics of Inequality, Queer Migrations, Queer(ing) Latinidad, Feminist & Queer Research Methods, Spiritual Politics, Decolonizing Political Scientists, Education for Social Justice, Race Politics & Policy, Immigrant Health

Graduate: Community-Based Participatory Research 

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